You are lying Melita

  • Scene: Children
  • Duration: 55 minutes
  • Premiere: 07.5.2022
  • Age: 6+

Directed by: Dragana Miloshevska Popova
Written by: Ivan Kushan

Ivan Kushan’s You Are Lying Melita has already become a classic in the Balkans. In an amusing way, this wonderful children’s novel tells us that it is always necessary and important that we speak the truth. We must never neglect the imagination and creativity of children as well. That is the most fundamental thing about them. Their freedom to create worlds that are from the one they live in. One day, these children, who have no limitations of thought, will grow up and really make this world better. This is also a novel about the parents under pressure of the world and the society, who in their struggle for more money, pay no attention to their children. This attention is most often substituted with creations that satisfy the real needs of children. You Are Lying Melita is an interactive puzzle that is based on the power of storytelling, the most beautiful and slightly forgotten form in the everyday life of children. While the storyteller narrates his/her story, he/she is competing with the story. He/she is creating an exciting world that is better than the existing world while he/she waits for the parents to come back from work. We are all Melita yet this Melita is usually misunderstood.

- Bojan Trifunovski

Theatrical Adaptation by:

Bojan Trifunovski

Professional Associate:

Biljana Krajchevska

Set Design and Puppet Making by:

Kiril Vasilev


Elena Vangelovska

Composed by:

Srgjan Markovikj

FaLang translation system by Faboba

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